Legacy Brick and Stone offers artificial turf services, along with our many other areas of expertise. We are a certified Pregra Turf Installer and are ready to help you create a new atmosphere around your home or business. Artificial turf is great for both residential and commercial lawns and schoolyards; it is great for public, private, and homeschools. It can be used under backyard play sets, large schoolyard commercial play sets, or even park and recreation play sets. It can be used commercially for businesses or privately for residential use. A fake grass lawn is a great way to bring new life to a landscape, and our synthetic lawn installation will have you enjoying your outdoor space in no time.

Brookhaven residents can call Legacy Brick and Stone contractors for their artificial turf needs and receive a free estimate. Since the 1960’s, artificial turf has been used on baseball fields and football fields to avoid injuries, game delays, mud puddles, grass stains, or dirty clothes. It is also incredibly helpful in easily maintaining a large area without having to mow or do constant upkeep.

Nowadays you can find artificial turf in many Brookhaven residential backyards, thanks to Legacy Brick and Stone custom contracting professionals. Legacy Brick and Stone provides the best Brookhaven artificial turf installation and we intend to keep leading the industry in this area because our customers expect nothing less than the best out of our Brookhaven synthetic turf contractors. Contact a Brookhaven turf installation contractor in Brookhaven today. The best artificial turf installation in Brookhaven will save years of watering, lawn cutting, maintenance, and labor costs.

Saving money and work is great but that isn’t the only advantage to having artificial turf instead of real grass. Your lawn will look fresh and neat all the time, no matter what time of year it is or what the weather has been like. When it rains all week and your neighbors are mowing their lawns on Saturday, you can instead be grilling and enjoying the sunshine. Pet owners who have trouble maintaining healthy grass because of digging dogs commonly use fake grass as well. It can also be a good way to keep unwanted snakes and other dangerous rodents or predators out of your yard and away from your children, pets, and plants. Turf can offer a great, clean yard for your children to play in as well.

Contact Legacy Brick and Stone for synthetic grass installation in Brookhaven. We are one of the best artificial turf contractors in Brookhaven and we look forward to creating a lovely landscape with artificial turf for you soon. Call us today for a free consultation and artificial turf estimate!