Did you know that we don’t just specialize in brick and stone? We can also help you when it comes to artificial turf installation, and we’ll do all we can to create the best synthetic lawn for you.

Your lawn will look so much better once we have finished with it.

Why Choose Us As Your Artificial Turf Contractor in East Hampton?

We are a certified Pregra Turf installer, so with us you know that the work is going to be done to professional standards. You will get more than what you pay for when we give you your artificial turf estimates.

Like with our custom brick and stone work, we aim for perfection in all our projects, and again this gives us a long list of happy customers and a portfolio that is second to none.

So not only are we the brick and stone installation experts, we also offer you the best artificial turf installation in East Hampton.

Why Have a Synthetic Lawn?

A synthetic lawn can save you in terms of money and time.

Save Time – A fake grass lawn is pretty much maintenance free. You have no need to spend time cutting the grass, watering your lawn, or placing fertilizer.

Save Money – A fake grass lawn may have a high upfront cost, but over the years you’ll end up saving money when it comes to the costs of maintenance.  

With a synthetic lawn you can look forward to relaxing in your yard on your days off instead of spending all that time and money on maintenance.

We Only Use High Quality Artificial Grass

At Legacy Brick and Stone we only use high quality artificial grass. The artificial grass we use will last you a long time, and is built to take the toughest of punishments. It’s also made from high quality plastic fibers that look as close to the real thing as possible. (Many people may not even notice the difference.) With us, your fake grass lawn will be made to the highest standards.

Our Process for Synthetic Grass Installation

Since we are a certified Pregra Turf installer, we use industry standard procedures when it comes to installing your fake grass lawn.

When installing your artificial grass we like to concentrate on aesthetics, and we like to make sure your new fake grass lawn matches your outdoor area. With us you can even combine synthetic grass installation with other projects like driveway paving, masonry, and patios.

At Legacy Brick and Stone we aim to make your outdoor area look as great as possible.

If you’re looking for an East Hampton synthetic turf Contractor then why not call us today? We’ll answer any questions you may have.