If you’re looking for brick and stone veneers for the exterior of your home, we can help you here at Legacy brick and stone. We’ll create the perfect brick or stone veneer walls that will increase the value of your property and make your house look amazing.

We strive for nothing but perfection when it comes to brick or stone veneer siding in East Hampton, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail in all of our projects.

We aim to be the best brick and stone contractor in East Hampton, and with our experience, portfolio, and our long list of happy customers, we are pretty much there already.

Advantages of Brick and Stone Veneer Walls

So why go for outdoor brick or stone siding anyway?  What advantages does our East Hampton brick and stone construction provide for you? Brick and stone veneer offers you a range of advantages:

Maintenance-free – Brick and stone veneers are pretty much maintenance-free. You won’t have to spend your money and time re-painting your walls or cleaning them.

Durability – Brick and stone veneers are durable. It is resistant to fire damage, and to adverse weather conditions like wind and hail damage. (They will also lower heating and cooling costs.)

Aesthetics – Brick and stone veneers give your home a timeless look. Your neighbors and visitors will admire and envy your home.

Indeed, brick and stone veneers are considered to be the highest quality choice for home exteriors. The only disadvantages are that they are susceptible to earthquake damage, and they will discolor slightly over time.

Brick and Stone Veneer for Interior Walls

It’s not just the exterior that you want to look amazing. We can help you with brick and stone veneer for interior walls as well. Our process is just the same for exterior walls, the only difference being that we match the aesthetics to the interior of your home instead of the exterior.

At Legacy Brick and Stone we’ll make sure to work on your home with care and we are committed to producing top quality work like with all our projects. Your home interior will never look better once we have finished!

Brick Veneers – We can help you when it comes to brick siding. This is where we cut a real brick into a tile and place it on a steel backing system on your wall. This gives you the appearance of a brick wall without sacrificing interior space in your home. It is lightweight, strong and stable.

Stone Veneers – We can help you when it comes to stacked stone interiors. This will create a natural stone wall for the interior of your home. We have many different designs and looks to match your tastes. And the best thing? Stone walls will improve with age. Every single one of our East Hampton stone veneer construction projects have been loved and admired by our customers.

Give us a call now, if you have any questions to do with Custom brick and stone veneer construction in East Hampton. We can help you with both brick and stone veneers, and we can focus on both interior and exterior walls.