At Legacy Brick and Stone we can help you when it comes to outdoor patios in East Hampton. Whether you want a custom patio or a kitchen to go with your patio, we have the professional staff and the attention to detail that you want.

We have specialized in custom patio installation in East Hampton for nearly two decades, and we strive for perfection in all of our work. This has left us with a long list of happy clients, and a portfolio that not many in East Hampton can match.

We love our work, and we are happy to help you! We are the East Hampton custom patio construction exerts.

Why Have an Outdoor Patio?

A patio is your outdoor oasis that makes a positive addition to any home. Spend your day relaxing in your new outdoor patio, or entertain guests in your new outdoor patio. You can also build an outdoor patio to make your outdoor area look better and add value to your home. Your outdoor area in your home will look be more appealing to buyers and have an added bonus with an outdoor patio. Along with this increase in aesthetics, the patio will also add a monetary value to your home.

At Legacy Brick and Stone, we are the patio contractors in East Hampton who can make this happen.

Outdoor Kitchen Contractor in East Hampton

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen contractor in East Hampton?  We are the ones who can help you. With our attention to detail and our persistent drive for perfection, we can help create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. When you’re entertaining guests, not only will they be impressed by your outdoor patio, they will marvel at your outdoor kitchen as well. So for kitchens, we are the outdoor living contractor in East Hampton for you.


Custom Patio Builders in East Hampton

We can help you when it comes to custom patio installations in East Hampton. Once we have finished with our work, it will create the most beautiful and relaxing outdoor dining space you can imagine, built exactly how you want it. Our customer patio builders in East Hampton can create custom patios from materials of all types: concrete, brick, pavers, natural stone, travertine, bluestone, limestone.

Elevated and Raised Patios Construction

We can also help you when it comes to elevated and raised patios construction. Why get an elevated or raised patio constructed for your home?
Depth – An elevated patio will give your landscape the depth that you can’t get at ground level.
Separation – An elevated patio separates your outdoor dining area from your yard, which makes it stand out and looks so much better.

So if you want help in elevated and raised patio construction get in contact with us now. When it comes to East Hampton custom patio construction, no one in the area does it as well as us.
Give us a call today if you want your questions answered when it comes to outdoor patios in East Hampton. We are the East Hampton concrete patio contractors that you can rely on.