Welcome to Legacy Brick and Stone! Legacy Brick and Stone is a Long Island based landscape contractor that offers landscape design, hardscapes, and masonry services. We build pool decks, driveways, water features, fire pits, fireplaces, patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, walkways and much more.

Legacy Brick and Stone is a design and build company that has been specializing in custom masonry since 1997. We are at the forefront of paving stone installation industry and we absolute love what we do and strive for perfection from the ground up!


We are proud to present superiority to our customers. We believe our customers have come to value and expect nothing but the best from us, and we will continue to deliver our very best as we continue to lead in our ever expanding industry. For 18-years we have been serving our community by providing quality installations and superior pavement and workmanship to our customers. Please call us for a free consultation, estimate and references today!

Masonry: South Hampton

When it comes to masonry installations and projects we are the best masonry contractors in the South Hamptons. If you need masonry work done, Legacy Brick and Stone masonry contractors are the best in the business. Our brick and masonry contractors are well-known in the South Hamptons for their superior brick work, craftsmanship and experience. Just ask around! If you need masonry work done, we are the best masonry contractors in the South Hamptons!


Brick and Stone contractors in South Hamptons have been used by customers for a number of jobs. If you need a pool house for that new pool you put in last summer call Brick and Stone today! We also install hardscapes that can be a nice compliment to your already beautiful home. Some of the other things we can do around your home include things like stacked stone, stone veneers, brick veneers, stone siding, or brick overlays could improve or enhance the look of existing structures around your home such as a pool house or patio.

The Perfect Wall

We want everything to be just perfect! Our beautiful residential and commercial walls adhere to local Long Island standards and codes while at the same time we increase aesthetic appeal of your property. Our experience and knowledge keep us in a position to offer our customers the most up to date and premier products in our industry, which is why we use Cambridge paving stones and Eldorado stones to name a few of products you will be seeing on the jobsite.

Our masonry walls are built using concert blocks or natural stone boulders. We offer a large range of masonry products on the market and readily available, and a visual appeal and functionality that will fit your budget. Call a South Hampton brick contractor or a masonry contractor in South Hampton at Brick and Stone today!