When you come to think of it, a driveway is one of the first things you or anyone who is visiting looks at, while entering your home and it has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your property. The material you use also impacts the safety of those who are using it and the amount of maintenance it requires. Keeping all these factors in mind, what then is the best surface for your driveway?

Types of Driveway Materials

Different types of materials are used in driveways. The material that you will choose will depend on factors such as appearance, durability, climate and cost. Legacy Brick and Stone can install driveways that suit your style and budget. Take a look at the different types of materials that can be used for driveways:

  • Gravel- Using loose gravel or fine stone is generally one of the most cost-effective options. It is long-lasting & needs very little maintenance. However, a certain amount of erosion occurs over a period of time and some of the stone/gravel might have to be replaced. Gravel is available in a range of colors and you can mix and match it to the exterior of your home. As long as the gravel is bordered with larger stones, it will stay in place. This material is not suitable for areas that experience snowfall as snow removal becomes very difficult.
  • Asphalt- This is a pretty inexpensive option for driveways, but is high-maintenance too. Since it has a dark hue it hides oil & other stains very effectively. However, this material tends to crack over time and has to be patched as required and sealed annually. Though edging is not really a requirement, it adds to the appeal of the driveway.
  • Oil and Stone- This is a mix of asphalt & gravel and is an excellent alternative to either of the options by themselves. The finished driveway looks like it’s made of stone and has the inherent stability of any asphalt driveway and different colored chips can be used to match the look of the home.
  • Concrete- This is a very popularly-used material for driveways as it is strong and durable. This material can also be stained or stamped to complement your home.  It requires a certain amount of maintenance as concrete has a tendency to crack in very harsh weather and you will have to either repair or patch it as and when necessary.
  • Pavers- These are also a very popular option for driveways and can be made of brick, concrete or natural stone. They are available in a range of colors and can be interlocked to create different patterns.

If you need a driveway installed, call Legacy Landscapes on 631-394-7952. Our representative will visit your home at a time that is convenient to you are understand what your exact requirement is. You will be informed about all the options available and we will work within your budget to provide you with a driveway that you will love having on your property.


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