Legacy Brick and Stone is a design and build company that got our feet wet in South Hampton 18 years ago. We began working in custom swimming pool patio design in South Hampton, and we are still paving the way in the industry today! Don’t just be happy with a hole in the ground; rather, let us add that special touch that makes it a tropical paradise. That’s what we do and have been doing since the beginning. We offer some of the best swimming pool patio designs in the business and we do the best swimming pool patio work in South Hampton.

At Legacy Brick and Stone, our customers remain our number one priority. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will continue to deliver our very best as we lead the way in our expanding industry. Throughout the last two decades, we have been serving our community by providing quality pavement and workmanship installations to our customers. Legacy Brick and Stone contractors in South Hampton will work with you to make every design idea you have come to life in your backyard. Just give us an idea and watch us go to work! With special skills and a caring nature, our entire staff will treat your yard as if it’s our own and soon your dream will be a reality, right in your South Hampton backyard. Call for a free estimate today!


Swimming Pool Patios in South Hampton

When it comes to swimming pool patio installations and similar projects, we are the best in the area! As top-rated swimming pool patio contractors in South Hampton, we always strive to provide the best services for an affordable price. If you need swimming pool patio work done, Legacy Brick and Stone swimming pool contractors are the best in the business. Legacy Brick and Stone has been used by customers to install their swimming pool patios in South Hampton for decades. If you need swimming pool patio contractors to install your new swimming pool patio to go with your pool and pool house, call Legacy Brick and Stone today!

We have a variety of designs to choose from and we take your ideas and visions and turn them into a reality. If you want a pool house, just let us know, and we can incorporate that into the design as well. They sky is the limit when it comes to your ideas and customer satisfaction is our priority. Some swimming pool patios offer style and elegance, while also providing safety. At Legacy Brick and Stone, we take South Hampton swimming pool patio construction very seriously. Please call us for a free consultation and estimate today!