Do you want to create a swimming pool patio in East Hampton? We are the swimming pool patio builders in East Hampton that you can rely on. At Legacy Brick and Stone we strive for perfection in all of our work, and this leaves us with a portfolio that not many can match, and a long list of happy customers.

We have been in the business for almost two decades and we love what we do. And with our dedicated staff and our team of professionals, we do some of the best swimming pool patio work in East Hampton.

At Legacy Brick and Stone our number one priority is your satisfaction! We are the swimming pool patio contractors for you!

Why Build a Swimming Pool Patio?

It’s no doubt that a swimming pool patio makes a great addition to any home in East Hampton. It can only have positive effects on your life, and you’ll get your money back when you sell your home.

A swimming pool patio helps you to:

Relax All Day – A swimming pool patio is a great place to spend all day relaxing. You work hard for your home, so why not enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Entertain Your Guests – You want a space to entertain your guests, right? And you want your guests to be impressed with your outdoor area, and maybe even envy you. This can be done with a swimming pool patio.

Make Your Outdoor Area Look Great – You want your outdoor area looking as amazing as it can be, and a swimming pool patio can add an extra level of amazingness that you want to create the perfect outdoor area.

Add Value to Your Home – No doubt about it, a swimming pool patio will add value to your home, making it a sound investment.


Custom Swimming Pool Patio Design in East Hampton

We don’t just do “run-of-the-mill” projects when it comes to designing swimming pool patios. We create custom swimming pool patios for you from scratch. Our team of enthusiastic staff will talk to you and get to know what you want. They will then get to work and create the custom swimming pool patio of your dreams.

Indeed, with our experience and our desire for perfection, there’s no doubt that our custom designs are some of the best swimming pool patio designs you will ever see.

Give us a call today if you have any questions on designing a swimming pool patio. Our staff will answer any questions you may have, and our swimming pool patio builders in East Hampton will then get to work to create the patio of your dreams.