Legacy Brick and Stone is a design and build company that has been specializing in custom masonry since 1997. We are at the forefront of paving stone installation industry and we absolute love what we do and strive for perfection from start to finish!

We offer our clients nothing less than the best brick and stone veneer for interior walls, and custom brick and stone veneer construction all around. Our customers expect nothing less than the best from us, and we will consistently deliver our very best as we forge forward the way in one of the most competitive industries on the planet. For the last 2-decades we have been serving the community by providing quality outdoor brick siding and superior stone veneer construction for our customers. Please call us for a free consultation today!


Legacy Brick and Stone is a Long Island based landscape contractor that offers landscape design, hardscapes, and masonry services. We build brick stone veneer siding and walls both interior and exterior. We are the best brick and stone contractor in Long Island. We offer stone veneer construction and stacked stone interiors along with outdoor brick siding.

When it comes to brick and stone veneer exterior projects we are the best brick and stone veneer construction contractor in the Long Island area. If you need siding work done, Legacy Brick and Stone contractors are the best in the business

Custom Brick and Stone veneer construction contractors have been used by customers for a number of jobs in the community. If you need veneer walls or siding work done call Brick and Stone today! We also install hardscapes that can be a nice compliment to your already beautiful home. Some of the other things we can do around your home include things like stacked stone, stone veneers, brick veneers, stone siding, or brick overlays could improve or enhance the look of existing structures around your home such as a pool house or patio.

VENEER Perfect Wall

We want everything to be just perfect! VENEER your wall with Legacy Brick and Stone professionals at your service. We will make sure it is done right the first time, and we will leave you with a smile on your face. Our beautiful veneer walls are just a beginning point; we also have outdoor brick siding, and stone veneer siding as well. Call us today for your free estimate!